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Biography scientist Nikolay Pirogov, famous surgeon, great man. Nikolai Pirogov was born in Moscow where his father managed a military commissary. Pirogov, arguably the greatest of all Russian military surgeons and one of the most important figures in the medical history of Russia.
Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov ( Никола́ й Ива́ нович Пирого́ в– 1881) Russian surgeon, anesthetist and anatomist. Pirogov nicolai. As a teacher, Pirogov strongly opposed class prejudice in education. Was born November 13, 1810. Pirogov Memorial Society of Russian Physicians was founded; it regularly sponsored the Pirogov Congresses. ” After his death the N. In name of Nikolai Pirogov happy fate has combined two talents - a doctor and a teacher. Pirogov, nikolai ivanovich ( 1810 – 1881), scientist, physician, proponent of educational reform.

Pirogov placed great emphasis on the importance of prophylaxis, professing that “ the future belongs to preventive medicine. Pirogov Glacier in Antarctica, the large Pirogov Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria and the 2506 Pirogov asteroid, discovered in August 1976 by Russian astronomer Nikolai.

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